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Mary McAvoy

Westford, MA


I began to use a camera for artistic purpose in 2006. At that time, I was accepting that the dual conditions of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue had a grip on my life and that the energy and speed I had enjoyed until then was a thing of the past.

Once I came to terms with my new pace, I began to see the world in a remarkably different way. The physical world was no longer a blur in my peripheral vision. It was the central focus of each moment. With my daily energy at a premium, I began to live each moment deliberately, fully conscious of the constructs of the moment, especially the tangible world around me.

When I photograph nature, my objective is to record what nature presents. I use minimal digital enhancement in this work. My photographic message is that nature is astounding - that it is a beautiful but fragile presence in our lives.

There are lessons to be learned from nature. It has an intelligence that is ever putting forth wisdom. My nature photography is a way of helping people to receive that wisdom and my hope is that the resulting ripple of thoughts will help sustain the natural world.

Architecture, or manís constructions, is also a theme in my photography. Whether the subject is stone, wood, metal or glass, I see varied geometric shapes that form the shelters we create for our home and our work life. I especially like when an image captures historical perspective, such as a contemporary building that imitates ancient architecture or a line-up of buildings that reflect the history of a city, or materials that have been moved from one place to another for the purpose of building.

I hope my photography inspires others to live each moment consciously, and to appreciate and preserve the gifts around us that are here for our health and enjoyment.

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